Category Road, Wheels

Satisfy your wanderlust whether you choose to go fishing, cycling through cities and countries, hiking and camping at dangerous places, or even spend a romantic week being inspired by stunning fall foliage displays.

The temperatures cool down, reminding savvy travelers that they can finally start planning an adventurous fall trip. It’s hard to resists considering there will be fewer crowds and entertaining local festivals.

  • Family: Una "passeggiata" in bici con dislivello di circa 50 metri, almeno 50% asfalto e possono partecipare bici con seggiolino.
  • Easy: Giro facile dai 12 ai 20 km con circa 100 metri di dislivello
  • Sport: Giro sportivo dai 18 ai 25 km
  • Expert: Giro per ciclisti esperti dai 25 a 40 km